Some Awesome Connected Products (Part 1 of many!)

You man have notices the connected products you are probably already using in your daily live. They usually go with super smart Apps: Innovation in the [app]cessory space that allows you to enhance game-play and app use with physical products.


First goes the NEST thermostat - a learning thermostat that remembers the temperatures you like, and automatically adjusts the climate in your home based on you.

Nest also has remote control through Wi-Fi and you can review your energy usage via the iPhone app.


Bikn by Treehouse labs turns your smart phone into a powerful tool and lets you track things like your keys and pets with its smart RFID tags and smart phone gadgets.They have created a platform for developing and deploying connected mobile applications and hardware management software.


Nike FuelBand revolutionizes the pedometer with a stylish wrist device that keeps track of your everyday activity via the smart phone app.

The usability, social integration and game play that Nike bring from Nike Plus make FuelBand easy to use and great for keeping track ofyour activity.


Lego has expanded into the world of mobile gaming with its game Life of George, that has you build Lego structures. George has got a challenge for you: the clock is ticking.You need to build fast to get awesome score!

With this clever system Lego have done a great job of linking real-world blocks withapp game play.