NATURE turned into  building - La Pedrera - the zenith of Gaudi’s work

Living nature is at the heart of Gaudi’s building and recently in the heart of the latest technology. At the end nature has so much to teach us, that we just need to listen, appreciate and pay more attention to the world.

"Over the next decade, a confluence of breakthroughs will give us new lenses to observe the wondrous interconnections surrounding us and within us. The coming Age of Networked Matter is a world where everyday objects will blog, robots will have social networks, microbes will talk to kitchens, and forests will “friend” cities. We will look at the emerging technologies in computation, sensing and actuation, wireless, materials science, and even biology that will underpin this coming world, and interact with creators as they reimagine and reinvent the changing context and meaning of our lives."

P.S. Read about the Age of networked matter:

A Gearbox – to keep the line going

Recently we saw that HutGrip can provide great value to industries that have to deal with equipment which has a lot of gearboxes. One of our first customers fits perfectly in this case scenario. If the gearbox is hot it indicates reduced efficiency or potential problem of the equipment. But you can’t really go around, touching gearboxes on the floor all day.


HutGrip provides realtime data from the critical gearboxes. Data monitoring is a great start and it gives companies a lot of visibility into the process so that they can build on that and apply different six sigma techniques to increase efficiency. However we don’t stop there – HutGrip is constantly building a realtime model of the measured data, using that to predict how it will change in the next couple of hours. This gives the operators true reaction time so that they can prevent a potential failure. This also helps them plan their production depending on the capabilities of the equipment. For example just removing the cover of the gearbox to check if there is a problem would usually take more than an hour, which means an hour of lost production time, which can cost thousands of dollars.

It is important to stay out of the critical limits as repairing an overheated bearing may take days and weeks depending on the equipment. Many times you depend on a specific part that has to be ordered from far away and even when it comes, it is not easy to do the repair. Therefore we see that gearboxes are very important and we aim to help our customers increase their operational efficiency and lower the maintenance cost.

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Too many mind?

There is so much in common between a person running a startup and a samurai… that you can’t imagine!

So, mind Your mind! Don’t let it WIN over you!

The MIT Media Lab - the model of the electric City Car that can be folded in order to take less space!

We are happy to share with you that HutGrip qualified for the European semi-finals for a featured competition by the Global Entrepreneurship Week organization – Get In The Ring.

Over 1000 startups joined Get in the Ring worldwide through the national selection rounds in the participating countries. We were selected from more than 40 entries in Bulgaria to be one of the six teams competing in the national finals. For the finals, we prepared a 5 minutes pitch highlighting the development of our product, ongoing project and future plans. We had so much material to emphasize on, so many great people we worked with and projects we wanted to mention that we had to work hard to fit within the time limits. On the evening of the finals, we pitched together with some amazing projects in front of an international jury.

At the end, the judges announced their decision and … (drum roll) … HutGrip was announced as “one of the two best overall business concepts in Bulgaria during the national rounds of Get In the Ring” and as one of the two teams to represent Bulgaria in the next round of the competition: the international clash. We were also awarded plane tickets and passes for the final event of the competition that is the featured event to close the Global Entrepreneurship Week in Rotterdam. Last year, at the same event there were 800 people participating with more than 200 investors among them. Rotterdam, get a grip! HutGrip is coming!

The power of showing the behavior of a system

All the security breaches in Supply Chain

U.S. Textile Plants Return, With Floors Largely Empty of People

Textile Plants Humming, but Not With Workers - A great article on how technology is transforming manufacturing in the past 20 years.

Here’s what makes the revival possible:

> Curse of Long Distance

> March of the Machines

> Back From the Dead

The world as Steve Jobs saw it:

When you grow up you tend to get told the world is the way it is and you’re life is just to live your life inside the world. Try not to bash into the walls too much. Try to have a nice family, have fun, save a little money.

That’s a very limited life. Life can be much broader once you discover one simple fact: Everything around you that you call life was made up by people that were no smarter than you and you can change it, you can influence it, you can build your own things that other people can use.

Once you learn that, you’ll never be the same again.

GigTank Impressions Day #1: 85 days until Demo Day!

We need connectivity, right? Maybe we even take it for granted, especially here, in the developed world. However when you look into the industry, things are different. Think about the manufacturing industries, things are not moving so fast there. Very often people don’t understand what possibilities can this connectivity bring for them and their business. Of course there are automation systems like Samsung and IBM that are helping large enterprises take the most of their data. However that process is old, it’s not easy to modify in real time, we need a more agile way to do it. Moreover, very often small and medium size businesses can’t afford such a platform. 

This is why we
 developed a platform to help people optimize processes and we’re excited to be part of GigTank!